"As an actual diet and nutrition doctor, my mission is to help people get healthy and lose weight by providing a scientifically based AND practical approach to eating .

There are no gimmicks or empty promises here. My program is based on real science AND what fits into a busy lifestyle."

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Dr. Melina B. Jampolis, M.D.


Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas & Stocking Stuffers

Do you need a gift idea or hostess gift for someone who is trying to eat better and get healthy? Skip the fruit cake, box of chocolates or cookie of the month club membership and check out some of these healthy holiday gift ideas and stocking stuffers. Spice it up – I was mesmerized and […]

go green

Go Green to Get Healthy

Going green when it comes to your diet can have a significant impact on your health and the health of our planet. Here are three ways to start eating green today. Eat less red meat. Your cardiologist has probably been suggesting that you cut back on red meat for years to lower your cholesterol and decrease your […]


Let Food be Thy Medicine for a Healthy Heart

Would you rather eat a heart-healthy bowl of oatmeal with sliced strawberries and almonds or take medicine to lower your cholesterol? If you chose the more flavorful option, you’d achieve nearly the same benefits, according to research evaluating a cholesterol-lowering diet done by a group of Canadian researchers. In the study, 34 people with high […]

holiday gifts

Healthful Holiday Gift Ideas

HEALTHFUL HOLIDAY GIFT IDEAS         Holiday shopping for friends or family members who are trying to get healthy is a great opportunity to show them a little support in their long, often challenging journey. Here are several gift ideas to help loved ones get and stay healthy in 2012. Harry and David […]


Tackling Travel Eating

Dr. Melina’s Top 5 Travel Snacks As the holiday season rapidly approaches, most of you will face two challenging eating situations:  belly busting party food and calorie dense, on-the-go travel food.  I’m going to tackle travel food in this blog and will take on party food in an upcoming blog.  Here are some of my […]


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